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Baby Girl Bedding

SUMMARY: Choosing baby girl bedding is exciting. Here are some considerations you’ll have to make when selecting the right set up for your home.

Having a baby girl is a delightful and fun time. Choosing girl baby bedding is especially enjoyable since there are so many adorable patterns and styles to select. During her formative years, you’ll want your baby to have the right bedding to pique her curiosity, comfort her to sleep and create an overall positive ambiance. 

The first thing to consider for your girl baby bedding is safety. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 900 babies die each year from sudden infant death syndrome or suffocation due to choosing the wrong type of girl baby bedding, so it’s incredibly important that you keep a few safety tips in mind. Soft bedding like quilts, hefty comforters, sheepskin and pillows are not recommended for a baby’s bed. Make sure the mattress fits right up against the railing and that the material isn’t too cozy.

For babies under 12 months, the CPSC recommends: placing the baby on her back on a firm, tight-fitting mattress; removing pillows, quilts, comforters and soft stuffed toys from the girl baby bedding; using a sleeper as the blanket; put the baby with her feet at the foot of the crib and tuck a thin blanket around the crib mattress up to the baby’s chest; keep the baby’s head uncovered; and never place babies on waterbeds or sofas to sleep.

The second consideration for girl baby bedding is comfort. You can put your baby on soft, baby-durable cotton sheets with a waterproof bottom beneath to protect the mattress. With all the allergies kids have today, you can also usually find material that is more resistant to dust and allergens for a more comfortable sleep. Be sure to view the washing instructions before purchasing so you know the fabrics will come clean easily.

Lastly, you’ll want to consider which style of girl baby bedding best suits your family. Today many fashionable parents are choosing sleek, stylish contemporary or modern designs. Colorful polka dots, paisley, stripes, damask or other fun patterns are transforming ordinary rooms into funky and eclectic art exhibits. 

In addition to the standard girl baby bedding options, there are other decorative items to choose from. Diaper stackers can add a splash of color and pattern to the room, while hiding those unsightly products from plain view for a cleaner looking room. Window treatments can filter in the blinding sunlight in a more soothing way, so the baby doesn’t awaken with the early birds and start shrieking. Baby slings for breast feeding now come in all patterns and colors for greater maternal comfort and style. Diaper bags and personalized lamp shades are other popular products on the market as well. Before you know, your little girl will be grown up and making her own choices, so enjoy this period of planning custom baby girl bedding while it lasts!
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