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Boy Crib Sets

SUMMARY: Are you looking for new styles of boy crib sets available? You may want to try jungle themes, retro patterns or bold shades for a new baby boy crib sets.

Your choice of boy crib sets and baby boy bedding is very important, considering how much time newborn infants spend in their cribs. You’ll want bedding that soothes, that intrigues and that creates a pleasant ambiance for the baby. Naturally, you will need to make sure no pesticides or other chemicals were used in creating the material for your precious baby to sleep upon. Sometimes certain cottons have been treated with formaldehyde resin, acrylic or polyester. You will also want to be sure that the bedding is lightweight and not filled with cotton that can suffocate the baby. The boy crib sets must fit tightly to the mattress and crib so that the baby is protected. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has a number of recommendations for safe baby bedding.

After the safety issues have been addressed, you’ll need to choose a fun style for your boy crib sets. Baby boys are well-suited to bold, dynamic colors, which are considered more “masculine” than pastels. A good choice may be the “Deep Jungle Stripe,” which comes in a bold orange, army green, mid-tone blue and khaki. Somehow these disparate colors come together to make great boy crib sets that speak to adventurousness. There are even fun “Deep Jungle Giraffe” and “Deep Jungle Cheetah” patterns that accents nicely against khaki or brown sheets. 

All babies love animals, so these naturally make adorable boy crib sets “Animal Red” and “Animal Green” present bold colors with white zoo animal silhouettes. “Zoology Black” and “Zoology Blue” offer dark backgrounds with green foliage and colorful giraffes and hippos next to white elephants for an elegant yet intriguing look. A little more is going on with the dark and light blue “2-D Zoo” pattern. “Jungle Jam” comes on a nice brown background but has a clean row of vibrantly colored giraffes and plains birds that will impress onlookers. These styles are different than the usual baby animal prints, which a young child can easily outgrow. 

Retro styles are also popular with boy crib sets these days. Patterns come in circles, paisley, geometric shapes, wavy lines, polka dots or squares. Popular looks like “Retro Pinwheel” are light-colored and accent well with dark brown baby bumpers. Patterns like “Retro Dot Stripe” do a nice job of combining both stripes and dots without looking garish or over-the-top. They say that every so many years an old style comes back again. So far, this holds true for popular retro patterns. Choosing boy crib sets can be a rewarding experience when you see your friends and family’s faces light up when they see how you’ve transformed the new bedroom.

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