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Custom Baby Bedding

SUMMARY: Decorating a baby’s room is so much fun, but choosing custom baby bedding adds a new layer of fun and can make a great gift for expectant parents!

One of the latest trends in baby décor is custom baby bedding. More and more parents are rejecting the idea of buying a set of standard, cliché baby blankets, sheets, curtains and crib skirts. Personalizing a baby’s room shows thoughtfulness and love that the baby will appreciate when he or she looks back at old photographs of how you lovingly prepared this room especially for the arrival of your bundle of joy. 

The first step of creating a custom or designer baby bedding once you find a design website, is to choose the fabric. You can choose several different colors to go with your favorite patterns. You can choose different textures like minky, 2-dimensional or breathable cotton. This step is really fun because it gives you a chance to flex your creative muscles and choose a style that really embodies your personal preferences.

Next, you will need to choose which types of custom baby bedding you want the material made into. There are baby blankets, sheets, crib skirts, bumper pads and quilts. With custom baby bedding, you will make up your own set, so you won’t be stuck with extra items you don’t necessarily want or need. You may also choose matching window treatments, diaper bags, baby slings, lamp covers, rugs, changing pads, diaper stackers and other accessories that will showcase your flair for interior design.

There are a number of different ways you can choose your custom baby bedding to look. For instance, crib skirts come in straight, ruffled, pleated, pom-pom fringe, pleated and vertical split. Bumpers can be split horizontally, ruffled, split vertically or piped. Blankets can be made with satin edges, sized for strollers, bordered or quilted using several different types of fabric. 

Sometimes parents also like to have their custom baby bedding monogrammed. Adding initials to your baby’s bedding is a nice gesture that makes these blankets and pillows into a thoughtful keepsake for the baby to keep in a hope chest forever and even pass down to your grandchildren one day. Since your little infant is far from generic, his or her room should exude personality and uniqueness.

Choosing custom baby bedding has become an exciting new trend. Parents love to mix and match and accessorize the baby’s new room, transforming it into a comfortable abode for their pride and joy. Newborn infants generally take a strong attachment to their earliest “blankeys” and pillows, so what you choose now can become your new baby’s favorite item after birth.

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