We Custom Hand Make the Crib Sets Just for You!

Custom Crib Sets

SUMMARY: Custom crib sets leave the designing task up to you. Why settle for a generic store brand set for your new infant, when you can select a unique keepsake for your baby’s hope chest?

Many expectant mothers would love to sew their new infant a special baby blanket, pillow or bumper pads. However, many of us aren’t as handy with a sewing machine or nearly as patient as we’d like to be. The reality is that sewing up an entire crib’s worth of goods can be a huge chore. Since the designing part is most fun, some online stores have left the design work up to you. Custom crib sets let you pick and choose which pieces come in your set, while also giving you the freedom to put together fabric and pattern swatches as you see fit. 

As you know, designer baby bedding can cost a small fortune. With all the other expenses and preparations being made, many mothers shudder at the thought of paying $900 for their ideal baby bedding arrangement. Instead, you can contact a seamstress who will replicate any designer set for a fraction of the cost ($100 - $300). These custom crib sets are just as eye-catching, vibrant and inspirational as the ones you see selling for exorbitant prices and they’re made just as well. Often you wind up paying for some high-commanding top designer. The baby sure won’t know who Wendy Bellisimo or Baby Ella is, but he or she will sure know who the designer is when it’s mom!

Another advantage to custom crib sets is that you can skip over items you may not want or need. Maybe extra skirts or pillow shams aren’t necessary, in your view. Just hand-pick what you like and add it to your virtual shopping cart. Also, you may want to spend the money you’re saving on a special touch – like monogramming the baby’s initials onto the quilt. This keepsake can then be held onto for many years and even passed down to future generations as a special, sentimental heirloom.

Many online custom crib sets creators are more than willing to work with you. They can use any fabric you find at Jo Ann Fabrics, even if you don’t see it on the website. Simply take a photo and send it over, along with your layout and color preferences and more often than not, this custom blanket can be made for you. Orders usually take about 4-8 weeks to complete and mail out to expectant parents. Even with shipping, parents are paying far less for custom crib sets than many designer crib sets, without sacrificing any of the high-quality materials and style. 
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