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Girl Crib Sets

SUMMARY: Girl crib sets are a great way to decorate your baby’s room. They come with a quilt, bed skirt and bumper pads for your convenience.

If you had your baby shower already, you know how loud the choruses of “oohs” and “ahhs” can get when people are viewing anything designed for babies. The colors, the prints, the patterns, the styles and the cute little sayings are all so undeniably adorable! New moms often take great pride in their flair for baby bedroom décor. While paint, rugs, window dressings and decorative pictures will all play a part in your baby’s new room, girl crib sets are usually the focal point of the whole ensemble. When you walk into the room, your attention is immediately focused upon that tiny, dependant little infant who is jumping, gurgling and hollering for your undivided attention.

When choosing girl crib sets, you’ll want feminine color schemes, so there is no doubt in anyone’s mind what gender your baby will be. Just before bed, you can peak into the baby-to-be’s room and look at the light pastel colors (like “Light Pink Minky”) and girlish designs (like “Mikado Girl”) and imagine the little princess that will soon be carefully tucked beneath those dainty sheets. Bright colors are also a great choice, such as the “Black & Hot Pink Kaleidoscope” design or the “Zebra Fun Crib Bedding,” which is ideal for the vibrant family. “Safari Girl” comes in a shiny grass green, dark brown, vivid pink and leopard/cheetah print. 

Girl crib sets are not just about design, of course. It’s also about choosing the various items your baby needs to have a comfortable night’s sleep. You will need a bumper pad, which should ideally come with five layers of 1.5-inch bonded batting for optimal safety and comfort. The bumper ties will keep the padding from shifting around as she jumps up and down, jostles around and fusses. This is very important, as is the size of the mattress (which should be right up against the bars), so your baby does not get an arm or a leg stuck somewhere it doesn’t belong or bounce a head off the rough crib bars. Sometimes teething babies will get the urge to chew on the bars, but with the bumper pad that comes with girl crib sets, that unsanitary thought will never cross the infant’s mind. Most of the bumper pads come in vivid, eye-catching patterns. It will be so adorable when the baby’s head pops up to see who is coming into the room, amid a sea of polka dots, giraffe spots, colorful stripes or whatever print you choose.

A blanket will also typically come with Girl crib sets. Often times these blankets are lightweight squares quilted together to match the theme and color scheme of the baby bumper pads. These blankets can come with satin border edges in four-square or nine-square combinations. Babies generally bond closely with their blanket, which becomes a precious comfort to them when mommy can’t be there. It’s important that you choose colors and patterns that are interesting and attractive but not overwhelming or upsetting.

Next, you’ll get a crib skirt in with the girl crib sets. Crib skirts can come with pom-pom-ball fringes, ruffles, pleats, separate borders, vertically split or solid. The benefit of purchasing girl crib setsrather than selecting each item separately, is that you’ll have the perfect amount of color and pattern, without having to worry about mixing and matching in the best way. Of course, if you so desire, there are ways to customize girl crib sets and personalize each item, making it truly unique for your new baby.

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